Cloud Jumper

The Sky has been torn apart and is in need of your help. For a thousand years the infinite lighthouse offered protection against the Storm; but now, its light has been snuffed out. Islands once connected are now isolated and lost. But you are a Cloud Jumper, gifted with the lost power to sail through the Storm. Jump across the Sky and help those in need; uncover ancient relics; craft creative recipes and enhance our Ship. Only by forging a path up to the Roof of the World can you relight our ancient protector and reconnect the people of the Sky.

Beautifully Retro

Soar through a beautifully rendered sky world that combines retro, crunchy-pixel aesthetics with modern visual effects and design sensibilities.

Pick your Path

Forge your own progression path by upgrading your Ship to specialise in three distinct play styles; Trader, Explorer and Researcher.

Cast of Characters

Enjoy the freedom of open exploration, meet colourful and quirky characters, and complete your objectives in multiple ways.


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