We empower our team to create unique, fun and imaginative original titles that capture our love and passion for gaming.

We came together because of our love of games and our passion for creating. We believe creative collaboration is the key to success.

We value our employees’ commitment and strive to ensure all team members are included in a range of team-based activities. We encourage exploration, curiosity and creativity outside the discipline we hire people for, expanding our understanding of each other’s work and developing new skills together.

We strive to be a caring and supportive company and this is reflected in the culture of promoting from within, welcoming new team members, and one of the lowest staff churn rates in the industry.

Team Stories

Niamh Loughran


“The company’s culture is very inclusive and very involved. I was always taken aback by how much the company invests in people and how much it recognises the potential for people to grow and learn new skills.”

Searra Dodds

Lead UX/UI Designer

“It’s a very warm place to work. Everyone is really really friendly. There is a real nurturing environment here and a genuine sense of encouraging people to learn and grow.”