Associate Producer – Job & Person Spec

Start Date – Immediate

Discipline – Production

“Joining a company and a team in the games industry is exciting and daunting in equal measure! Here at Hyper Luminal there is no ‘deep end’ to drop you into, you will be supported by the team from minute one.  No question is bad on the learning journey you will take to improve your skills and create great work, we have your back. 

We have so many different projects and genres that we are sure we have something that fits you perfectly! It will be engaging and fun, development and creativity are the essence of having fun. We don’t stifle creativity; in fact, we continuously encourage it. You won’t be working in a cubicle and there’s no expectation of silence, engage and interact as much as you like! 

Experiencing ‘ownership’ of a particular part of your project or work is critical. At Hyper Luminal we will make sure that you are getting as much satisfaction from not only learning something new but ‘bossing’ it in a way that means you are building a great foundation of experience and development knowledge. Although, we won’t give you too much too soon, pacing the learning is key. When you’ve nailed a particular part of your project and its tasks, it will be recognised, the studio understands how important recognition is.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, ensuring the applications delivered are high performing, responsive and maintainable. You are encouraged to be as good as you can be and there are systems in place within the studio to support you to do just that. Incremental improvement is our aim and all team members are involved in what and how that evolves. If this feels like a place where you can thrive and grow, with the team, the projects and the studio, then apply for this position and let’s explore working together!”



  • You have been involved in at least one project in a production role.
  • Experience in projects that used an Agile production methodology.
  • Experience in using project management software.
  • You have worked on projects for either console or mobile.
  • Experience in working within a team.


  • You have been responsible for scheduling tasks and project planning.
  • You have worked on projects that involved external clients.
  • Experience in communicating with new people – whether attending events to showcase a project, or giving demonstrations to project stakeholders.
  • Experience using Jira and Google Apps (Sheets/Docs).

Skills and Abilities

  • Great attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • A calm, patient and diplomatic demeanour that helps put the team at ease and deflects external pressures, giving them a relaxed environment where they can do their best work.
  • You are a confident person and strong communicator, capable of working with a wide variety of personalities.
  • You are empathetic – you attempt to understand problems objectively, listening and considering all perspectives.
  • An understanding of project management software and the ability to communicate the data produced to less experienced users.
  • You know what it takes to make a game, with a keen understanding of the different disciplines involved and how they work together.

Duties and tasks

  • Use Jira to organize task allocation and plan sprints for the projects, keeping the team organised and productive.
  • Assist the team through a project’s lifecycle and help keep them focused on the critical path.
  • Help identify obstacles and risks to a project before they can affect the team. 
  • Be a positive influence on the team – you support, encourage and assist the team to achieve the highest possible standards of performance.
  • Facilitate discussion within the team on how best to overcome development challenges.
  • Communicate feedback from stakeholders to the team to ensure the product remains true to requirements. 
  • Work closely with our QA team to ensure that our products are of the superb quality our partners expect of Hyper Luminal. 
  • Take part in post-mortem analysis to learn from both successes and mistakes in order to improve processes and establish best practices.


At Hyper Luminal Games we are passionate about our employees and provide development opportunities for all our staff. We take pride in the fact that we understand individual reward systems for all our team members, encompassing not only remuneration but responsibility, recognition, and individual learning.   

We offer competitive salaries, a generous pension scheme, life insurance and 28 days of holiday increasing yearly to a maximum of 33 days after 5 years.

Life as a Luminary

At Hyper Luminal, creative collaboration is the key to success. Team members are given a range of responsibilities within a flat hierarchical structure, to enable an entirely team-driven games development process. Your role at Hyper Luminal is to ensure our games and software utilise a ‘best in class’ approach, helping the studio to continually raise its quality bar and reach beyond what is generally expected of a smaller development team. 

We value your commitment and strive to ensure that all team members are included in a range of after-work activities to help prosper curiosity and creativity, including exciting games nights, delicious dinners and unique team-based events.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Hyper Luminal Team!