Tales of Iona



Tales of Iona is an innovative and free game-based learning experience for upper Primary and lower Secondary learners created by the University of Aberdeen School of Education: a Scottish charity (SC013683) in conjunction with Hyper Luminal Games on behalf of the Iona Cathedral Trust: a Scottish charity (SC017989) which seeks to “to advance the education of the public in relation to the history, culture, and heritage of Iona Cathedral and the Island of Iona”. 

Tales of Iona was created using the Unity game engine and exported to WebGL. It is playable on the following web browsers: Chrome and Firefox.  It can also be downloaded for offline use. A link to the game can be found here: Tales of Iona.

The game-based learning experience has been designed to support learning both inside and outside a classroom setting.

  • Thinking Skills: Puzzles are a key feature of the game design. They seek to challenge learners to think at a higher order level.
  • Instructional Knowledge: Some instructional knowledge is provided through the game narrative.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: The ‘library’ reflects the interdisciplinary possibilities that have been considered in the creation of the game.
  • Wiki: Tales of Iona seeks to use wiki pedagogy in order to enable learners to be a part of the ‘making’, construction, process through which their learner voice can be expressed. 
  • International Community of Learning: The wikis provide the opportunity for learners to engage in an international community of learning.


Screenshot 2015-10-08 11.42.22

A world of engaging narrative and intriguing characters.


Screenshot 2015-10-08 11.42.43

Featuring hours of challenging puzzles and quests.


Screenshot 2015-10-08 11.51.19

Historically re-imagined animated environments.