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Blog #3 – High Poly and Hard Surface Techniques

Hi all, So this will be my first of many blog posts discussing some of the techniques and challenges that we face while developing our 3D assets. While I work in a particular environment (MODO) for most of my 3D development I will try to keep the content of these posts broad enough so as […]

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Blog Post #2 –Finding your way to success!

  Hi All, Stuart here! As the sole programmer at Hyper Luminal Games it’s my job to juggle all of our technology requirements and I’ll be showcasing some of the interesting tech we have! I plan to keep my posts high level and suitable for all kinds of developers whilst still providing useful tips from […]

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Blog Post #1 – Welcome!

Hi All, Welcome to the Hyper Luminal Games development blog. Each week one of the team will be posting an update on their work in the form of a dev blog. These dev blogs will cover everything that Hyper Luminal does and we hope you will find them interesting and useful! Before our first development […]

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