Blog Post #1 – Welcome!

Hi All,

Welcome to the Hyper Luminal Games development blog. Each week one of the team will be posting an update on their work in the form of a dev blog. These dev blogs will cover everything that Hyper Luminal does and we hope you will find them interesting and useful!

Before our first development blog post, let me introduce you to the team and give you a little bit about our backgrounds.


Stuart – Managing Director and Software Developer.

“My background is in games development, I studied the computer games applications development course at Abertay University before then moving on to complete the MProf in Games Development where I was lucky enough to meet the rest of Hyper Luminal. My greatest achievement so far is winning a Scottish BAFTA in 2013, something I would love to repeat with Hyper Luminal Games. My role as both Director and the sole programmer at Hyper Luminal has been tough but I’m loving every second! I’ll be showing off some of the technology I have built and useful programming practices I have learnt whilst building games with the rest of my team.”




Fraser – Business Development Manager and Games Designer

“Like the rest of the team I studied at Abertay University, getting a degree in Games Design and Production Management before completing a Professional Masters in Games Development (where the team met and formed up!). Prior to working for Hyper Luminal I cut my teeth as a games, level and content designer for Kerb, Gamania, Zoë Mode and Ironbelly Studios. Here at Hyper Luminal I’m responsible for the majority of design related activities as well as working alongside Stuart to help manage the business end of the company. Throughout these blogs I’ll be sharing some of the design approaches we take here and the challenges we face through a mixture of in-house and contracted projects.”



Rob – Polygon-Chief

“I originally started my games development career at Abertay University studying Computer Arts, where I learned skills in 3D game art production. I then continued on to the MProf Games Development course where I met the rest of Hyper Luminal Games. I currently work as a 3D/Technical artist, handling our high and low poly modelling, UV unwraps, baking as well as any rigging, 3D animation and shader/material definition. I’ll be sharing some of my work and talking about any interesting challenges we’ve been facing while building our 3D worlds.”




Sam – Pixel-Chief

“Just like the rest I attended the University of Abertay to pursue a postgraduate degree in Professional Games Development. As the main 2D artist of our team my work here at Hyper Luminal Games covers a good variety of game development areas and stages including early concept art, 2D asset creation, UI art, texturing, as well as illustration and marketing material production. So look out for some behind the scenes artwork, as well as different techniques and approaches to up your game at digital art.”




Everyone is excited to show off what we have been working on so stay tuned for our first development blog and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a beat! @HyperLuminalUK

– Stuart

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