Blog #12 – Why? How? When? Stuart?

We have been very quiet for the last few months. Blog posts stopped, YouTube videos stopped and no new projects were being shown off. Is Hyper Luminal gone? Definitely not! We are now 1 year old and looking to take the next step!
We skipped over our birthday because it is a bit confusing, our company was registered in June but we began trading in September. Therefore our legal and working birthdays are different, we decided to stick to September as it marks the first year of us all working together! Next year we promise to have a party :)!


The reason for us being so quiet is that after the arrival of our new recruit Elliot we decided to dig our heels in and get to work. The whole team was working continuously and we didn’t get a chance to stop for blogging. We have been working on a nice range of projects both for clients and ourselves. Some of them we will be showing off over the next couple of weeks and some of them sadly we cannot. We even kitted our office out with brand new equipment!


There has however been one major negative over the last few weeks, we have made the decision to stop the development of our Hoverball IP (For now!). The decision has been taken to refocus our company with less development on our own IP and more focus towards being a work-for-hire company. This new direction will help us to grow much more rapidly, taking on more projects, hopefully then followed by more employees! But with any work-for-hire company there will always be some down time to fit in our own (but much smaller!) projects so keep your eyes peeled. We actually have a new game in development right now! But I have to leave that for Rob and Fraser to discuss in their blog posts!


Hyper Luminal has grown up massively from our little student venture into a fully functional business. Each employee has to take on multiple roles and responsibilities (we wear multiple hats) but for myself being the sole programmer and Managing Director just became too much. By hiring another full-time programmer I now have more flexibility to manage the business properly. Provide our clients with the dedication they need and develop our employees the way they deserve. We need to make these changes to support the growth in our business. The truth is our own IP costs more than it makes and that isn’t good business!


Well over the last year we have built up a good range of clients in games, business and other media all the way from Elgin to L.A. These connections have given us all tons of experience combined by the success of our products we now have more confidence than ever! We aim to keep working with our existing clients whilst unveiling a new branding for Hyper Luminal as a work-for-hire company. Pushing more of our resources into marketing our company rather than our games to help us continue to build our client base.


Over the next three weeks we will be releasing a series of content focused on improving our business image. Marketing material, social media content and of course our latest projects. All with the aim of attracting the attention of new clients to our developments. By the first of October we hope to have an efficient and successful marketing campaign set in motion to fuel our business growth.


I’ve been asked a lot by my mentors about my future in Hyper Luminal, having studied as a programmer I don’t have the background in business you would expect. However my knowledge of games development and business contacts have been growing massively over the last two years. The switch from programming to business has been largely offset by the time I invested in seeking out knowledge from others. Learning from experienced business professionals and applying what I’ve learnt to Hyper Luminal. Thanks in part to the MProf Games Development course at Abertay and the rest to my mentors I now have all of the skills needed to run a small studio and I am perfectly positioned to develop my own skills alongside Hyper Luminal’s growth. Although I do hope to keep in touch with my programming abilities, sooner or later I will have to let go for the benefit of the business.


Hopefully this will keep everyone up to speed with our changes. Look out for some ‘more exciting*’ blog posts in the future.

For now it’s time for me to get started working ‘on’ the company, not ‘for’ it.

*’More Exciting’ is a marketing term – your experience may differ.

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